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WebPainter Graphic

WebPainter 2
The easiest way to create animations for the Web.

WebPainter is the award-winning premiere animation tool for everyone - from graphic designers to home page creators. Ideal for creating animations from scratch or editing existing graphic files, WebPainter batch imports and exports many popular graphic file formats. You'll find familiar professional paint tools plus unique animation tools to help you animate, or use one of the 500 Hip Clips- GIF clip animations to instantly get your Web pages moving. And, because WebPainter works with popular HTML authoring tools and design tools, you're only limited by your imagination.

Call 1-888-8THE-HIP and order today for only $69.95 USD, a savings of $20.00 off the SRP of $89.95 USD

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Open the "Order" folder in the Hip Clips Demo Pack and use the easy-to-use order forms.

Once you have tried out the WebPainter 2 Demo, order it today and utilize all of its powerful features:
bulletPowerful Animation and Paint Tools

bulletEasily manipulate images with a variety of transformation tools - rotate, scale, flip, skew, add perspective and distort images.

bulletView ghost images of previous or next cels with the Onion skinning toggle buttons for accurate positioning of each image.

bulletCreate colorful 2D bit mapped animations, banners, logos and more with more robust paint tools, customizable color table and new integrated interface and tabbed palettes.

Total GIF Building Tool

bulletEasiest way to create animated GIFs! Use the new Inspector Window to set GIF preferences such as transparent and/or interleave, animation loops and frame delays, disposal method and playback settings for each cel.

bulletTightest GIF compression available - viewers will see your animations instantly.

bulletPreview animated GIFs in GiffyView. See your animation at various modem speeds to determine the optimal file size before adding it to a Web page.

bulletBatch import and export all your favorite graphic file formats. Even import Photoshop layers!

Animating Made Easy!

Instantly add animation to Web pages with Hip Clips Volume I & II. Each volume contains over 250 GIF clip animations, royalty free indexed into 27 topic categories.

Learn how to animate with step-by-step tutorials.

Practice animation techniques with pre-designed black and white animation templates.

Work with your favorite high-end design tools and HTML authoring tools to create exciting dynamic Web pages.

Cut and paste automatically generated HTML tag into popular Web page authoring tools. Import and Export popular file formats:
bulletAnimated GIF
bulletGIF frames
bulletQuickTime Movies
bulletQuickTime Sprites
bulletWindows Bit Map
Support popular browsers with Sizzler streaming format for Java, Netscape Navigator, ActiveX and Internet Explorer and Cyberdog

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