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Christmas GIF Information

Christmas GIF Clips 21 royalty free GIF animations get Web pages movin'.

Merry Christmas from Totally Hip's Art Department! We've caught the Christmas bug and quickly created some animations using WebPainter for you to use on your web site. The spirit of giving lives on as we give these gif(t)s to you for FREE display use on your Web site or Corporate Intranet (see copyright disclaimer below for terms and conditions)! Happy holidays, From the staff of Totally Hip Software.

Preview animations in the Christmas GIF Clips HTML viewing gallery or use the Reference Catalog to see a thumbnail image. Supplied in GIF file format with most animations are between 3k to 15k for a speedy download.

Call 1-888-8THE-HIP and order Hip Clips today, for $49.95 USD, a savings of $20.00 off the SRP of $69.95 USD.

Hip Clips Volume I is available through our order desk (See the the enclosed "Order" folder for more detail) major resellers, popular on-line stores and mail order catalog for a suggested retail price of $69.95 USD. Hip Clips includes a hard-copy thumbnail reference guide, HTML viewing gallery and WebPainter SE registered ownership.

Copyright 1997 Totally Hip Software Inc. All rights reserved. Totally Hip Software, the Totally Hip logo, WebPainter, Sizzler and Hip Clips are trademarks of Totally Hip Software Inc. All other marks and names are the properties of their respective holders.